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As a leader, reviewing online Leadership training programs, online Sales training programs, business development strategies and in fact any online program to help further develop your team or your business, begs a few questions: "What will my involvement need to be? How will I know that my people will utilize the online training program? Will the content be relevant and meaningful to my industry and the changing needs of America 2.0? In order to achieve the very best outcome in business, leadership, sales or personal success in what many are calling America 2.0 I've been laser focused on ensuring answers to all these questions. The leadership, sales and business online training programs have been designed to ensure the content is relevant, meaningful, espresso rich, customizable, engaging, easy to apply, and “snackable,” with the end goal of giving each and every participant more in value for their time invested so they keep coming back for more. Every lesson in every one of our online leadership, business, personal growth and sales training programs have absolutely reinforced success with outcomes of 40% increases in company revenue performance, 30% reduction in turnover and up to 25% increases in company profitability. Your employees will not only be taught the techniques, skills and strategies that work, but develop the skill in how to actually apply them. You'll experience higher profits, achieve less turnover and create an unbreakable culture of excellence.

  • SALES MASTERY: Online sales training program that will offer an Immediate increase the sales performance of your team through techniques skills and strategies designed for America 2.0. In todays highly competitive world of business your team will learn how to close more sales by quickly and effectively opening up the mind of a prospective client, quickly establish trust and emotionally achieve their acceptance (“buy-in”) to commit to moving forward. Imagine every one of your sales team selling on value, increasing their margins, receiving fewer objections and being able to set new buying criteria that eliminate the competition while being able to steer the conversation away from discounts.

  • LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP: Online leadership Program reinforcing transformation to Legendary Leadership through principles from within the Best-selling book: "The Go-Giver Leader." Learn leadership techniques and strategies that create opportunities to influence, inspire and empower others leading to developing a Culture of Excellence.

  • BUSINESS EXCELLENCE: Business fundamentals and Life Principles that emphasize how to incorporate Excellence into your world. Inspired by the International Best-selling Book, The Go-Giver, that shares a proven framework of how to succeed in business, through adding value, creating influence and developing a network of Personal Walking Ambassadors that lead to Endless Business Referrals.

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Learn how to place yourself in the mindset of the top 1% of overachievers that give you the ability to keep progressing forward through a framework and action steps that will enable you to immediately make a difference in your life.

How do you get in the mindset of the top 1% of the most successful people in the world?

Communicate effectively, build trust, and pull people towards you.

Thank You Millions!

by Doreen Erasmus

"I never looked at my Belief (personal and work) as deep as the Lectures is explaining me to do. I love it.... opens my eyes to a whole new and different belief system. Thank you millions"

Amazing Course

by Renu Hunjan

Amazing course and definitely worth the time and value invested. Pragmatic, tested techniques and the instructor sounds like he has embodied the techniques described."

An Eye Opener

by Eric Akuamoah

"It's a good experience to have this training and an eye opener in helping me sell and know how to communicate with my customers"

Very Engaging

by Ritu

"This Course is very engaging, and topics covered with good examples which helped to relate with real business situations Thank you"

Real World Information

by Beryl

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is real world information that i honestly believe makes so much sense and will allow me to be less intimidated when I get an objection because of now knowing why I may be getting the objection and how to handle it"

Important Insights

by Alma Besserdin

"great and important insights into sales"


Effective Leadership at Your Fingertips

With our optional corporate learning training platform, you will have access to many different tools to help manage your team and ensure participation. ​ Extensive reporting: Access to everything within your company's eLearning environment. ​ Activity Tracking: A timeline of your group's actions. ​ Customizable: Ability to customize training to your companies industry through modified lessons and/or learning paths. ​ Gamification: Help keep your team engaged with Gamification, Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards, and Leaderboards which are given to the highest scoring employees. ​ Rich Communication Tools: Support 24/7 from your dedicated account manager and access to personal messages, calendars, and discussion forums. ​ Exercises/Quizzes: Keep your team on pace and to ensure understanding of content.


Stay informed of your team’s progress on key metrics like course completion status. View the number of users and courses. See course completion and test pass rates.


Native applications for IOS and Android devices. Fast and easy to use, all progress is automatically synchronized to cloud servers the moment you get back online. Perfect for accommodating busy schedules and a team where everyone is on the go. Listen to videos in the car, at the gym or in-between client calls.


In just a few clicks, you can turn your training into an addictive goal-setting and goal-reaching powerhouse. Increase engagement and participation to ensure both learning and application!


Individual Infographics

Training is ultimately about the learner. To keep your employees engaged and motivated our optional corporate training platform allows each participant the opportunity to review, print or download their own infographics: Progress updates, i.e. courses they’re enrolled in, time spent on training, courses completed. Review Achievements, i.e. pass rate, number of certificates awarded, badges earned.

Your Coach and Trainer

Founder of Applied Excellence

Welcome to the Applied Excellence online learning platform. My goal is to offer you the highest level people development experience without adding more to your work load, offering you quick and easy report access to allow for leadership steering and direction when needed. Every lesson in every course, that's linked to business, leadership sales or personal growth has absolutely reinforced success for me and the thousands of people I have coached and trained. In order to achieve the very best outcome in business, leadership, sales or personal success in America 2.0 I've designed course content to be both relevant and meaningful, with espresso rich, customizable, engaging, easy to apply, and “snackable,” videos offering lesson exercises to allow for full customization to your company and industry. Empower your people to move your company forward while you continue to hold the vision and steer everyone to achieve professional and personal success. Paul