What is this course about?

This is a course that is reinforcing a universal philosophy that's within a really powerful little book titled The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. These principles are not unique to Bob and John who framed such a brilliant story around the ‘Giving’ philosophy, they are universal principles that help us to have a better understanding of what we can do to positively influence our world and the world of the people around us. Principles that give us a much better understanding of how to become whole, how to become you, how to become someone that adds value and how to become somebody that increases their value. So if you are looking for a course that's going to help to support those elements, you have absolutely come to the right place.

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  • 1


    • Welcome To A Givers Mindset

    • The Go-Giver Training Program

  • 2


    • Characteristics Of Overachieving Givers

    • Are you a giver, a matcher, or a taker?

    • Download this Adam Grant - Give and Take Breakdown

  • 3

    The Premise of the Go-Giver

    • The Go-Giver Premise

    • The Go Giver Way

    • Download The Go-Giver Way

  • 4

    Law #1: The Law of Value

    • Law #1 of The Go-Giver

    • The Law of Value Text

    • Law of Value exercises

    • The Law of Value Quiz

  • 5

    Law #2: The Law of Compensation

    • Law #2 of The Go-Giver

    • The Law of Compensation Text

    • Law of Compensation Exercises

    • The Law of Compensation Quiz

  • 6

    Law #3: The Law of Influence

    • Law #3 of The Go-Giver

    • The Law of Influence Text

    • Law of Influence Exercises

    • The Law of Influence Quiz

  • 7

    Law #4: The Law of Authenticity

    • Law #4 of The Go-Giver

    • The Law of Authenticity Text

    • Law of Authenticity Exercises

    • The Law of Authenticity Quiz

  • 8

    Law #5: The Law of Receptivity

    • Law #5 of The Go-Giver

    • The Law of Receptivity Text

    • Law of Receptivity Exercises

    • The Law of Receptivity Quiz

  • 9

    Final Word

    • Final Section

    • Action Plan Template

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