How do you reinforce exemplary Leadership? How do you turn your Managers into Leaders and start the process to creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence? Be inspired by the Five Keys that create the platform for Legendary Leadership though the Go-Giver Leader Philosophy which reinforce the framework for achieving employee commitment to your company’s success and not compliance due to positional authority. This is a course designed to reinforce exemplary leadership for you and your leadership team. Turn your managers into leaders and start the process to creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence. This course shares the framework for how to reinforce authentic leadership and build a team of collaborative overachievers by focusing on retaining and hiring what studies and research have proven are the reciprocity type that have become the top 25% of overachievers in the workplace today. At an individual, team and company level having an authentic appreciation for another person’s perspective, acknowledging their view of the world, being genuinely empathetic for their situation, fully understanding the meaning behind the message they are communicating, and most importantly, focusing on how you can add value in support of helping their life progression will be critical, if you, your team or your company want to achieve outstanding success in America 2.0. This course offers you the tools for effective leadership with Dashboard, KPI, Meeting Agenda and Forecasting templates and a framework to measure both you and your team's progression. Additionally, the changing needs created out of the transition towards America 2.0 are reinforcing the need to have an even deeper understanding of the empathic needs of not just the people we are leading, but our peers, colleagues, and external partners too. You and your team will learn the three types of empathy and the personal exercises that can be incorporated in order to strengthen the ability to authentically connect with the people around you.

  • Leadership Channelization - Learn the thought process that ensures you are always one-step ahead of building and sustaining Leadership trust with your team.

  • Build a Culture of Excellence - How do you ensure you sustain and attract the best talent that makes your team stronger not weaker?. Learn how to spot-and screen out what studies have proven are the most disruptive reciprocity type in order to minimize their corrosive effect on your organization.

  • Leadership Influence - Help other people to see what lies ahead and act swiftly to counter any challenges along the way. Understand what actions influence the behavior and attitudes of your team and how to increase the commitment of all involved.

  • Achieving Employee Commitment – Learn what is universally recognized as a powerful strategic tool for an organization's continuing growth, productivity and ability to retain valuable employees.

  • Blended Leadership - Ensure that you never get caught up in emotional decisions. Understand why the values of your company and your personal values need to align and how to ensure you are always communicating a consistent message.

  • Building Strong Teams – Learn how to incorporate a single characteristic that is among the strongest predictors of group effectiveness. Discover practices to recognize and reward helping.

  • Giving Leadership - Stay committed to practicing when there is no one to lead. Incorporate the thought process and actions that show you really care for the people, project and the company.

  • Leadership vs Management - Learn three major differences between a Leader and a Manager and what to focus on to ensure you never fall into the "manager" category.

  • Strengthening your Emotional Intelligence – Learn how to reach and communicate with the highest level of Authenticity that will be critical if you are to become a Legendary Leader. Learn the three types of empathy and how to strengthen your ability to connect with your team.

  • Effective Leadership Tools - Dashboard, KPI, Forecasting and Meeting Agenda Templates that support effective guidance and coaching dialogue leading to relevant and meaningful interactions.


Giving leadership seeks to move management and personnel interaction away from "controlling activities" and toward a more synergistic relationship among parties. Similarly, to the term "servant leadership." A giving leader works tirelessly to develop his or her people and is focused on what they can do for others. Perhaps the job of a leader is to help their followers succeed. After all, managers don’t win games: teams do. This is the philosophy behind giving leadership.


Leadership Principles that Move You Forward.

If you took five minutes to talk to your team about their thoughts of you as a leader, what would they say? Would they say that you were a giving leader? A leader with a giving spirit is a truly invaluable asset, and everyone in a leadership position should seek to adopt this type of mentality. Paul reinforces a unique message into this course through his own personal experience of applying the universal laws from within the international bestselling book: The Go-Giver, and The Go-Giver Leader by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The principles within the book took the business world by storm with its message: that shifting our focus from getting to giving is the simplest, most fulfilling and most effective path to success in business and in life.

Common Features of Giving Leadership

Unlike authoritarian leaders, the giving leader does not depend on accumulating or exercising power within a company. the giving leader approaches situations and organizations from the perspective of a servant first, looking to lend their presence to answer the needs of the organization and others. They seek to address wants and requirements as their priority, with leadership to be pursued secondarily.

  • CONSIDERS THE NEEDS OF EMPLOYEES FIRST. Giving leaders focus on satisfying the highest-priority needs of others and feel a strong sense of caring and responsibility for their staff.

  • COMMITS TO HELPING EMPLOYEES DEVELOP EXPERTISE AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. Giving leaders prioritize the personal and professional development of others, ensuring they build their knowledge base and professional skills.

  • INSISTS THAT THE ORGANIZATION MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY. While not losing their focus on a healthy bottom line, giving leaders make sure an organization improves its community, region, and nation.



  • Simon Sinek, "optimist and author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last."

    “We should all seek to practice the message illustrated so elegantly in The Go-Giver Leader—that great leaders don’t try to act like ‘leaders,’ they strive to be more human.”

  • John Maxell, author of "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership."

    “The Go-Giver Leader book captures the essence of life and leadership."

  • Captain L. David Marquet, U.S. Navy (ret.), author of Turn the Ship Around!

    “The Go-Giver Leader carries an important message for leaders, parents, and all other humans—that leadership, fundamentally, is about other people.”


Effective Leadership at Your Fingertips

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Your Coach and Trainer

Founder of Applied Excellence

Welcome to the Applied Excellence online learning platform. Paul is a Go-Giver Certified speaker and coach and has designed this course in order to share the insights into how to be a legendary leader through the five keys of legendary leadership that are explained within the Go-Giver Leader book. The principles within the book align with those of Paul who has achieved extraordinary business and leadership success by reinforcing that leadership is not about the position that you hold, it’s about the opportunities you have to influence, to inspire and empower others, and, wherever possible, to be a catalyst for others to grow and achieve their potential. The path to genuine influence lies less in taking leadership than in giving it.