This course will give you the mental and the emotional resilience to get through and conquer anything, because remember, it's not about what's happening to you now, It's about how you're responding to what's happening to you now. You'll learn how to achieve the highest level of emotional resilience by incorporating simple but effective exercises into your daily routine that not only reduce emotional stress but ensure that your "heart-Brain" coherence are at the optimum level in order to positively impact and align your physiology and biochemistry. Heart-Brain coherence is critical as it supports your ability to feel good enough to be able to start mentally focusing on what's going to get you out of a situation you might find yourself in. Take advantage of the Five Steps that lead to personal success through a proven framework that will trigger thought provoking epiphanies offering you insight into where to focus, what to focus on and how to ensure you are always aligning your thoughts with your goals so you continually move yourself forward. The five steps within this powerful course will enlighten you into how to take action to affect change, it’s intent is to trigger a willingness for you to “wake up” or “move forward” through steps that support your personal evolution into becoming an even better version of who you are, or perhaps change to become the person you have always wanted to be. You'll gain a greater appreciation of your own unique value and how to unlock the talent that has remained hidden within you by identifying the trigger that inspires or motivates you. Take the first step in achieving the personal progression that you know is there for you.

  • DEFINE YOUR THINKING: Learn how to clear your mind, understand what is influencing your thoughts identify what has been stopping you from taking action and how to clear the negativity that may be affecting your results.

  • REALIZE YOUR VALUE: Identify the true value you bring to the world through achieving a deeper understanding of what is stopping you from being the confident and assertive individual that you know you can be.

  • ENERGIZE YOUR SPIRIT: Identify the simple steps that will trigger new found energy, lift your emotions, change your physiology and utilize new found power that will drive you to achieve your goals. Understand how to tap into the power of your brain to achieve Mental and Emotional Resilience.

  • ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE: Learn how to expand on your true value by emotionalizing your senses aligning your focus and increasing the desire to achieve the result you are after. Understand how to achieve the desired mental state that triggers the forces of nature to help you achieve results..

  • MOVE YOURSELF FORWARD: Learn the thought process that enable you to maintain momentum, and sustain the progressive thoughts that train your mind to reach within, and continuously move forward to find that inner contentment to allow your dreams to be realized.

  • DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS: Each and every one of us have unique talents and attributes however the question is: "Is a talent a strength?" Inspired by the best-selling book “Discover Your Strengths,” learn the thought process behind the self-talk and self-awareness that enables you to identify what your true talents are and how to best capitalize on them!

  • HEALTHY BODY LANGUAGE: If our minds affect our bodies, can our bodies affect or change our minds?" Put another way can the way you sit, stand, or position your body, have a positive impact on your health? Learn the answer and reduce your stress level and increase your confidence, improve your balance of comfort and support your ability to be more assertive.


This course is all about how to maintain a positive mental attitude. Now, it's very easy to say that. And we hear people saying that all the time, you just got to keep positive, but you know, it's, it's easier said than done because when you constantly get knocked down, you've got to pick yourself up again. What's the framework you use to be able to pick yourself up again. When there's one brick wall after another, that stops you from moving forward. How do you reinforce that mindset that you are resilient and that you keep pushing forward? I learned many years ago the concept of what it means to be knocked down when I had a business relationship that didn't go as well as I expected. Needless to say, I had to pick myself up again and focus on constantly moving myself forward which led me to create a framework that allowed mt to always maintain a progressive thought process by a framework that is within an acronym called dream. And this is exactly what you're going to learn in this course which also includes the Text or E-Book and Audible story version that lead to developing this course.


  • "In such short videos filled with wealth, and pearls of wisdom. I have learnt a lot so far...I am excited about what comes next. Thank you! :)

    Chriselda Jacobs - Student

  • The course was wonderful learning behaviorally and psychologically."

    Madhu Yengaiah - Student

  • "Good insights and great communications. The course gives you a good information to put in practical work life."

    Gaurav Singh - Student

This course has been designed to answer a few questions that many of us ask:

- What’s stopping me from breaking through an invisible barrier that keeps me from achieving the success that I know I can?

- When will people finally appreciate and acknowledge my true value?

- How do I identify my true talents?

- Why do the people around me think I’m crazy to want more than I already have?

- How do I let go of my negative past?

- What can I do to find my inner strength?

- How do I get my compensation aligned with the true value I contribute?

- What can I do to improve my confidence?

 - Why can’t I sustain the right mental attitude?

- How do I motivate myself to continuously move forward when things go wrong?

- Why do I keep giving and not receiving?

- What should I focus on in order manage my emotions and reduce my stress?

- How do I deal with negative people?

- Why do some people quickly achieve their goals and others are always striving for them?

- What can immediately double my energy level and have the stamina to sustain it?

- How do I become emotionally and mentally resilient?

- What’s stopping me from taking action?


You’ll receive answers to all these questions, and more!

  • Find Happiness

    Place yourself in a mindset that gives you the ability to keep progressing forward, regardless of what's happening, because remember, it's not about what's happening now, it’s about how you're responding to what's happening now.

  • Clarify Personal Goals

    We’ll share the move forward action steps that will enable you to immediately make a difference in your life so you are able and move yourself forward to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

  • Move Forward

    The principles and framework are simple to implement but have proven to be incredibly effective in evolving the small changes that make the biggest difference in achieving the personal and professional growth that lead to not just the feeling of being “whole” but the financial success that leads to life independence too.

Your Coach

CEO & Founder

Paul Anderson

Your trainer, Paul Anderson, has accumulated over 25 years of experience within the field of sales, which includes both teaching and selling. He’s the man behind The Sales Pro, he was the top performing salesman at a fortune 100 company and he has been handed over 20 sales awards. Plus, he’s the author of two award-winning sales books – ‘The Sales Pro’ and ‘The Sales Pro Meets His Mentor'. With the wealth of knowledge he has acquired, he’ll teach how the strategies work, and how to apply them. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll have the confidence, and know-how to deal with it effectively.